Her Exchange is community of women who are making things happen, sharing how they did it, their lessons learned and supporting each other along the way. Its intent is to inspire, educate, empower and most importantly, connect. 

This is a resource created by and for women who are getting sh*t done and want to do more of it.

Whether its tips for how build your email list for your business, advice for taking care of your sanity as you try and juggle it all, honest relationship lessons learned from women who have been there or pointers on what tools you need in your toolbox because you want to be able to fix the dang dryer yourself, you’ll find it here.  

We encourage you to come as you are, share your story and what’s worked for you, learn from other go-getter women and stay awhile.

You’re in the right place if:

·        You are a dreamer that takes action.

·        You don’t accept the way things are if they don’t like them.

·        You are a life-long learner.

·        You know that energy is contagious.

·        You work hard AND smart.

·        You push yourself past things you didn’t think were possible.

·        You don’t obsess over perfection but focus on progress.

·        You know failure is a great teacher and embrace it.

·        You pivot when needed, but don’t quit. 

·        You figure it out and get it done.

·        You have something to share with others.

I love that new moms group so much. I’m not great at staying home even though I’m so grateful to have the time with the baby, it’s really necessary for me to connect to the world and this has been a great resource of strong mamas doing it the best we can!
— Geneviève García

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I am so glad you're here.

The whole intent behind this group is connect motivated mover and shaker women, like you, with each other to learn from, be inspired by and supported in whatever move you’re making to make the world a better place and your life as rich and full as possible.

I have so many incredibly loving, passionate, motivating, talented and driven women in my life and I realized that most of us are nose-to-the-ground focused on whatever badass thing we’re doing whether it’s running a business or building a personal brand, raising small humans, changing the world or all of the above. And sometimes that feels overwhelming, lonely and can leave you questioning your own awesomeness.

As one of favorite women out there, Marie Forleo, says, “The world needs that special gift that only you have,” so this group of gals is here to help you get and stay inspired and feel supported as you get on whatever gift you’re sharing with this big world while at the same time giving you energy and fulfillment.

You’re not selfish for wanting more out of life. Your idea to start that business or blog isn’t crazy. You’re not a bad mom/friend/daughter/wife/girlfriend/fill in the blank for spending time, energy and resources pursing your big idea. You are talented. You already have what it takes. And life is short, girlfriend.

I’m hoping one day I won’t need it as often, but these reminders are something I need for myself as self-doubt and “reality checks” regularly creep in just as I’m about to take a leap of faith and choose awesomeness and the unknown over safe and mediocre. So as much as I love connecting amazing women with one another, this group is also selfishly for me – I want to know more about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, what challenges and  excuses you’ve overcome to get there and what big goals you have for yourself in the future, to remind me if she can do it, so can I, while also being able to offer my own experiences and insight that might be helpful to someone else.

Looking forward to meeting you and connecting with you on Her Exchange!

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More about me:

  • I’m a mama to a 5-year old sweet, boy who believes he has speed and strength super powers. (That's him to the left.) 


  • While I would have told you I hate spinning for most of my adult life, I’m now a tyrant about making it to my CycleBar classes and have managed to be part of the regular 5:30AM crew.


  • I love all things marketing, mindset and business books and podcasts.


  • I have a major crush on Elon Musk and have goals to one day be in the Tesla club.


  • I start every morning off with 1-4 cups of Matcha tea and spend what some might consider a ridiculous amount on the “good kind.”


  • My guilty pleasure is Canva.  


  • I love boutique hotel design and stalk them on Instagram where I try to replicate the most fun and bold rooms with my own projects.


  • I love house plants and have reached the point that I’ve lost track of how many I have. Regardless, I have a designated weekly watering path that ensures I hit each one. Walking into my house, surrounded by my plant babies, is a feeling I never don’t notice.


  • I started out my current 9-5 media sales job being $15K in debt and on food stamps [a story for another day] and made it to 6-figures in less than 3 years. Sales can feel icky and scary, but if done right with the intent to help as many people as possible, can not only be life changing financially but also rewarding. I’ve started to understand some of the specific things that I’ve picked up to be successful and I’m happy to share those with you too if this is an area you’re struggling in or would like to know more about – shoot me an email with “Sales Tips” in the subject line and I’ll happily send those over.]


  • I have more notebooks and “just because/thinking of you” cards than a person needs.


  • My favorite quote and current mantra is: “If it’s important you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

EAch week we send out a quick list of what we're reading, listening to, doing, where we're going, what life hack we discovered and something fun about self Care. I'd love for you to get those too!