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The Income Replacement Formula LIVE

You KNOW you're meant for more and have dreams of running your own business full-time, but you just can't see the path and are feeling overwhelmedby all the options. Which will work? How do you know? Who do you trust?

You love helping people and you want to make a real difference in the world.

You're looking around at what other people are doing, and part of you feels sad, or, if you're honest, a little jealous.

You wonder if you have any special skills that people would pay you for.

You're a motivated, driven high-achiever, and you know that if someone would just give you a clear plan to execute, you'd go DO IT already!

You’re open to doing the work, love personal development and learning, have studied and read a lot of books, but you’re just not sure what you're missing or how to put it all into action.

Find out more details about Christine’s 12-week program here and find out if it’s the right fit to help you start taking action!