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Friday Fireside Chat: How to write effective emails, captions and website copy to turn followers into customers

Are you working on your website, but get stuck staring blankly at the “Lorem ipsum” default text with no idea what to replace it with? Or do you have a website up already, but struggle to get visitors to take action on your offers? Do you have a decent Instagram following and maybe even get a few comments, but can’t figure out why they aren’t clicking on your bio link to learn more? Or maybe you keep hearing that you’re suppose to be sending regular emails to your list besides just promotions, but can’t think of anything that interesting to say to them? Then you’re in the right place, lady!

These are things most of us have been challenged with at some point and is why we’re going to get a lifeline from online marketing strategist and copywriting expert, Joanne Bourgault in this week’s Friday Fireside Chat who’ll be sharing the tips we need to effectively communicate with our audience to drive engagement, build community and eventually, lead to repeat customers.

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Joanne is a dentist by day and an online marketing strategist all the time for female entrepreneurs, and specializes in content planning and copywriting. She helps entrepreneurs nurture their lists, win more clients, and grow their businesses with mindful marketing. Need inspiration for your content? Get it here.