Check out three easy ways to get involved!

1. Nominate your lady boss girl crush for our next “Her Story” Spotlight

Is there a woman in your life that inspires you and motivates you? Does she have a unique story to share? Does she have insight and advice that could help the other women in this group? Drop us a line below with the who, why and her website/social media page - We want to know about her!  

2. Share what you know and how you can help!

Are you passionate about helping others and open to sharing your expertise and experience for others to learn from? Do you have a service or product that can make life easier/better for the motivated ladies in this group? Is there a book that’s recently changed your life that this group needs to know about? We’d love to have you blog for us and be able to introduce you and your business to our community that they can turn to when that need arises Let us know what areas you are most passionate about teaching others in, how often you’d be interested in contributing and what service/product/book review you have that could help our community!

3. Stay engaged

Are you looking to stay connected and inspired in between events and blog updates?  Join our Her Exchange Facebook Group where chats about love, life, work, travel, babies, favorites books, recipes, party planning, business how-to, DIY projects and more are happening daily.

Community can be defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Others define it as joint ownership or participation. One of the best out there defines it as, a group of people that care about each other and feel like they belong together.

Whatever your definition, I think we can all agree that the most important ingredient of a community is its people (that means you!) and giving those people opportunities to engage and connect. Without you sharing your experiences and know-how, without your questions, and without you bringing others into the group, this community couldn’t exist.

So, if this community speaks to you and feels like your people, we’d love for you to find a way to get involved

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