Setbacks are Proof That You're Trying

Photo by  Kaylah Otto  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kaylah Otto on Unsplash

Starting anew can be a seriously scary thing. Whether it's quitting your job to start your own business, moving to a new city or country, ending a relationship, or just taking a leap of faith into the unknown, stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting. But, if there's anything I have learned over the last few months it's that the saying "on the other side of fear lies freedom" is true.


In the last four months, I have done two of the things listed above: I quit my steady, full-time job to pursue my dream of owning my own business, and I moved from Scotland to France. Both of these 'adventures' have been completely out of my comfort zone. Owning my own business is like a crazy rollercoaster ride: there are ups and there are downs. It is equal parts thrilling and terrifying. I love it. But it has been (and still is, everyday) a massive learning curve. Learning to ride out the fear and be brave in the face of uncertainty is probably the best lesson I have learned so far (even if I sometimes forget it!).


Moving to France has been a similar rollercoaster. Maybe not as scary (because being able to feed my cat doesn't depend on my ability to speak French and eat baguettes), but it has definitely been a learning curve. Learning to put myself out there, not caring if I'm mixing up my words or worrying what on earth my accent sounds like, meeting up with strangers in the hopes of forging a real friendship, spending a lot of time by myself...I even went to a CrossFit class, having never done CrossFit before in English let alone in French (who even am I).


You know that feeling when you have to exit your comfort zone and you build something up in your head? You're scared of making a fool of yourself and you genuinely feel as if it's a life or death situation?  Well, I've realised that it's just that: a feeling. And you can choose to do one of two things: you can either give into the feeling – the fear – and let it stop you from having fun or helping you progress and grow, or you can shut the door on it.


What I’m doing right now is the latter. Every day I'm trying to keep that door shut. I'm trying to build my business and gain new clients, while steering my business in a slightly different direction than I first envisaged; I'm trying to meet new people and make the most of being in France. If I give into the fear, I will not grow. Riding out the fear to get to the freedom on the other side is my goal now. Every time I have a setback (or, as I like to think of them, a plot twist), I know I am one step closer to the freedom. Because having a setback is proof that I'm trying.


So, as I sit here writing this in a little cafe in France, I am trying to see all of the new experiences I am going through as exciting rather than scary. As adventures filled with endless possibility and the potential for growth. And whatever situation you're in, however you happen to be putting yourself out of your own comfort zone, I encourage you to do the same. This thing called life is for living, friends. So, let's live!


By: Ciara Gigleux – copywriter, editor, cat lady and Scottish girl living in France. I help business owners make an impact with their words to maximise their brand’s reach and gain more clients. I like women empowerment, being creative, writing + eating nice food. To see how I could help your business, visit my website or keep up with my adventures by following me on Instagram: