3 Tips To Get Premium-Priced, Income-Replacing Clients Online On Repeat

Christine McAlister

In a recent group training I sat in on, Christine McAlister, author and business coach at Life with Passion, shared three tips for getting premium-priced, income-replacing clients online on repeat for those of us looking to leave our 9-5’s and live a life of passion, serving the right people with our unique gifts and talents that light us up.

Tip 1: Get Crystal Clear on Your Niche/Ideal Client

Think about who you are excited to serve most?

Sometime this is hard at first because by doing so, you WILL be leaving people out. Christine reminds us though that, “you have to be willing to leave some people out to get the right people in.”

Tip 2: Nail Your Offering

This is one, maybe two things. Anything more than that can get confusing and feel overwhelming, to you and your client. And if your client is confused they aren’t buying.

“Confused people don’t buy.”

This also means know the value of what you’re offering for you and your ideal client and never discount just to get a sale. This is a short-term solution, but a long-term detriment to your business.

Human beings don’t value free or cheap. Think of how many “free guides” you have downloaded that are sitting in your inbox right now. The price of your offering is almost as much for them to show up and value what you have to offer as it is for you.

Tip 3: Show Up Everyday and Offer It To Them

This doesn’t mean blast them with sales emails and promotional posts on Instagram.

This does mean getting in front of them them with valuable information, positioning yourself as an expert and becoming memorable.

When you have the right offer, at the right price, for the right people, the message and marketing you show up with will feel right and be easier to effectively communicate.

Christine McAlister is actually my business coach! You can learn more about her below:

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