6 Tips to Get Visitors to Stay on Your Website Longer

Did you know that more than 70 percent of people who abandon your website never return?

Or that it takes just 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for visitors to form an opinion whether they say or leave?

On our Fun Chat Friday over in our Her Exchange Facebook Page we chatted with Melissa Kellogg of Avanti Creative Group about all of this. She gave us her top tips for converting those one-time visitors into customers and walked us through a live homepage critique!

Below are some of Melissa's Top Website Tips:

  1. Know your ideal client and create content and imagery that speak directly and clearly to that dream client

  2. Above the fold on the website, clearly tell visitors what problem you solve or experience you provide - You want your clients to say, "Yes, that's me!"

  3. Then tell HOW you solve that problem

  4. Imagery is important - include high quality photos that align with who and how you help

  5. Make sure that all your content positions your customer as the hero, not yourself. We are just the guide.

  6. Make sure there are 1-3 call-to-actions with varying levels of commitment

Catch Melissa’s full list of recommendations and the live website critique below!

Click the image above to see the video from our Facebook Live chat!

Click the image above to see the video from our Facebook Live chat!


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