Build a Brand that Attracts Your Dream Clients

“You could have the best damn tasting cupcake in the world, but I guarantee people would still buy the pretty one.

We are wired to like things that are aesthetically pleasing.” - Karima Neghmouche

Find out how to make sure your dream client picks you! In the video chat below, with Karima you’ll learn:

+ the difference between a logo and a brand 
+ how to use Pintrest as a tool to help build your brand
+ how to use your current dream clients to attract more like them
+ the "5 things" strategy for your social media and blogs
+ what to look for in a branding and website partner
+ the pros and cons of sites like Fiverr and when to use them (and when not to!)

Karima also talks about the importance of your "why" and how it should play into your brand.

What is your why? What made you start your business/blog/side hustle? We'd love to hear it! Comment below and let us know!

To find out more about Karima and how she might be able to help build your brand (or rebrand!) check her out here!