Create a Beautiful and Engaging Instagram Feed

With 700 million active users around the globe, Instagram has become one of the largest social networks in the world. Around 95 millions photos are uploaded per a single day and below, Kayla Dyer, founder and blogger of MountainGypsy, shares her tips for putting together a beautiful Instagram feed that helps you stand out, showcase your unique style and gifts, and brings in new and engaged followers!

Some of Kayla's favorite tools are below:

1) Later - for planning posts and automatically scheduuling
2) Instagram Drafts - for uploading photos that you know you want to use so you have on hand when you're ready to actually post something
3) A Color Story - for photo editing/filtering to help give your feed a cohesive feel
4) Instagram hashtags - for search hashtags you can use in your own posts as well as finding ones that you can follow for keeping a pulse on what your industry and potential followers are also into
5) Notes app -Where you can save all your "regular" hashtags so you don't have to write them out each time - it's simply cutting a pasting

Watch the full interview with Kayla here to find out her 3 ways to write a caption and a pro-tip for preventing spammers from using unrelated hashtags in your own posts.

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below and if you took something valuable away from this drop that in the comments as well! I know Kayla would love to hear what resonated with you!

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