What the Road to Success Really Looks Like: An Interview with Jill Hope

Inside the calming space of Renew with Jill

Inside the calming space of Renew with Jill

So many times when we see people we consider to be successful, we only see who they are now and think they’ve always been some version of that, mixed with a little luck.

But if you pull the curtain back a bit on the timeline of life, you’ll almost always see a very different picture. More often than not, every one of these people will have a story. A story about mistakes, failures, tragedies, and hard times. And a story about how they pushed through it all, found meaning and used that to build the life you see now.

Jill Hope

Jill Hope

Jill Hope, owner of Renew with Jill, is no different. She is now a successful business owner of her dream salon, getting to work with the clients she wants, when she wants and gets to do it her way. Her passion for skincare came at an early age, so to be able to make a living, and a good one at that, from doing this work she loves, is something she is grateful and appreciative for every single day.

Looking back though, you might not have thought she could have made it to this point where she is today. Some of the curve balls life sent here include:

  • Having twins at age 17 (which she wouldn’t trade for anything <3)

  • Struggling through issues with addiction and failed relationships in personal and work situations

  • Finding herself in a high stress and demanding paralegal position

  • Getting fired - more than once

  • Getting let go after just buying a new car

  • Knowing she wanted to open her own salon but not having the money to buy all the needed equipment

Inside Renew with Jill in Louisville, KY.

Inside Renew with Jill in Louisville, KY.

Because of her determination, drive, decisiveness, passion and support of her family she was able to figure it all out and keep going in the direction of her dreams until she made it a reality.

In our interview below, you’ll find out exactly how she did it, what her road to success really looked like and what you can do in your own life if you’re up against a wall or having a tough time as well. One of Jill’s tips that I loved is to be sure you’re writing down all your goals and making sure you’re pressing down on that ink and NEVER GIVE UP!

This chat takes place in the middle of her fancy boutique space on a furry, plush white carpet, sipping our Starbucks. <3 I hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing it!


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