The Makeup-Free Experience

One of my friends has a beautiful blog called, Mountain Gypsy where she writes about yoga, DIY projects, home decor, cocktail recipes and beauty tips, but also writes essays about her life and lessons what she's learn along the way. She's big into being real and being herself, and extends that truthfulness into her posts.

And a blog she wrote earlier this year, called "Going Makeup-Free" is exactly that. I loved the message and wanted to share it here for you to also hopefully get something out of:

"Even as an adult, it’s difficult to literally show your face without someone saying “Aw, you look tired.” Would I look less like a zombie with some concealer and blush? Probably. But it’s comments like these that fuel that “need” for makeup in my mind, and I’m not totally okay with that. I want to feel okay with myself either way."

I've also recently realized this makeup-free philosophy, when for years, really as far back as I started wearing makeup, I didn't feel good or ready for the day without makeup, especially my mascara. I have always been super self-conscious about my white eye lashes and how they seem to almost disappear on my makeup-free face. So, no matter how early or late in the day it was or what I was going to be doing, including working out or even swimming (seriously??), at a minimum, I would apply my mascara.

Now, in the last 4-5 months, I find myself saving makeup for special occasions, including mascara and don't feel like a monster when I go out without it. It's actually nice to be able to save that time in the mornings and like Kayla describes in her blog above, my skin does feel healthier for it.

I still love makeup and think Sephora is a little piece of heaven where I could get lost for hours, but it's nice to have the makeup-free look at least be an option, when for so many years, I wouldn't even consider it.

No mascara! A picture that would have never happened even just 3 months ago.

No mascara! A picture that would have never happened even just 3 months ago.

 I do want to be honest and tell you that I did start using the Rodan + Fields eye lash extender back in January. It's ridiculous how well it has worked and you might have different opinions on the product itself, but I will say it's helped me feel better about going makeup-free.  I'm not sure I'll always feel the need for it, but for now I really like it and the handful of times I apply it at night is way less work than the everyday mascara and full face I used to apply.  

What are your thoughts on the makeup-free look?  Is it something you do?