Quick Fix: The Basics of Your Beginner Tool Kit

Photo by:  Brit + Co

Photo by: Brit + Co

Earlier this summer, I bought a dryer off OfferUp, knowing it needed the drum belt replaced. 

It was a really great deal. The guy I bought it from had good reviews. So when he told me that's all it needed, I believed him. 

I pulled up YouTube, watched a few how-to's and felt confident I could fix it.   

And I did! 

It was one of the most empowering things, I had ever done. I felt like a bad ass. It weirdly is going to be a highlight of my year.  

It did take me waaaaaaaay longer than the 4 minute video I kept re-watching. And there was a point I had my arms wrapped around the drum, sweating and cursing because I couldn't see anything, trying to feel my way around sharp objects. But I did it and it's still somehow working (so far - 3 months later). 

In the past couple of months, I have also hung big shelves, inserted a lid-lock into my washer, installed doors locks, put together furniture and attempted (for weeks) to fix my weed eater (I did have to call in reinforcements for that one if I'm being honest). 

It's felt really good to be able to do these type of things myself. I never really tried or had to figure out a lot of this in the past. Or really had a desire for figuring it out in the first place. 

For some reason though, this has been the summer of fixing things up and pulling together a big girl tool kit so I actually have things to help me fix all this stuff.  

Even if you have help for all of this and don't really need to build your own tool kit, I would still encourage you to get out the hammer or the power drill and give some type of project a try.  It's a great feeling to have something done or fixed that you've been needing to have done, but it's an equally, or maybe event better, feeling to know you did it yourself.

You can see the spread of my tool kit below with links for each one understand (no surprise almost everything is from Amazon). 

Her Exchange Tools

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If you're a video person feel free to watch the overview here where I give a not-so-official description, for how I use each tool. 

Ladies - Find out not only what you need to complete your next project but why you should even consider fixing it yourself