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Stop Waiting to Feel Ready Before You Go After What You Want (and What to Do Instead)

I wanted to share Ross’s story with you because any of us can do the exact same thing. No one starts off knowing everything - you will learn along the way, make a lot of mistakes, probably feel like quitting more than once, but if your dream is important enough and pulling at your heart strong enough, you have to find a way to just start, even before you are ready.

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The Art of Receiving a Compliment: Why It’s So Hard for Women to Receive Praise

Has someone given you a compliment about something you were wearing and your response immediately went to how long you’ve had it? It can be a total stranger and we will still give them the backstory of this shirt or handbag being out of style. Something tells me that the person giving the compliment wasn’t concerned about how long you’ve had it because they were busy admiring it.

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