14 Years of Marriage: Rachel Hollis's 7 Keys to an Amazing Relationship


I had never heard of Rachel Hollis or TheChicSite.com until picking up her recent book, Girl, Wash Your Face.

The book itself was incredible (more on that soon) as she goes through 20 lies we tell ourselves and how to move past them so we can become the best versions of ourselves.  

A couple of those topics involved the relationship she has with her husband and the ups and downs they've gone through to get to the point where they are now (moving to Austin, TX from L.A. with their 4 kids to start a new business together). 

A great relationship is a team at heart. You’re there to support and empower each other so you can take on your hopes and dreams together.
— Rachel Hollis

They don't claim to have the perfect relationship or have it all figured out, but they do have a lot of lessons learned and best practices that we can get something from whether we're currently in a relationship or one day would like to be.  

The new podcast they started, Rise Together, is packed with tips, humor, and a very honest behind the scenes look at their own struggles and how they were able to use those times to make their relationship even stronger, instead of breaking  them apart.  


To get a feel for Rachel's style and some of her relationship advice, check out her recent article below to find out the 7 Elements of a Successful Relationship.  If any of that resonates with you, I would definitely encourage you to check out their podcast!