Can a Smart, Successful Woman Find a Like-Minded Man?

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

It seems today that one person in a relationship is the more successful or “smart” party of the two (i.e., predominantly more successful men with less successful women). With as many female entrepreneurs and CEOs as we have now, we hear plenty about the successful woman. But why don’t we hear of more smart and successful COUPLES?

This leads us to ask, what happened to the “power couple”? Today when we hear “power couple,” one popular relationship comes to mind: Beyoncé and Jay Z. They both were first musicians and have branched out to other investments that have made them both extremely successful. We (as women) can get our masters or doctorate, or own our own successful business, and still end up dating someone not as smart or successful! That leaves us wondering: What can we do to ensure that we date someone as smart and successful as ourselves?

1) Never lower your standards. Although it may seem impossible to find a smart, successful, and attractive man who isn’t turned off by your own success, there are plenty of men out there. The phrase “you get what you give” should be a key idea in the search for someone like-minded. If you’re talking to a man who doesn’t keep you intellectually stimulated, you haven’t found the right one to date. There are plenty of men who are successful and not smart, or smart and not quite successful (yet), so this is where your good judgment comes into play.

2) Don’t dumb yourself down for anyone. Some women like to use the ‘”damsel in distress” act to lure a dater into becoming more serious. You’re too smart for that! Women who act like they’re helpless and need a man to complete them will never get an equal position in the relationship. They will always be thought of as the lesser (in success and smarts) by their significant other.

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