Her Story with Kari Burke George: Stay at Home to Mompreneur

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I'm really excited to share the other half of The Home Sanctuary, Kari Burke George in this week's Her Story Spotlight.

In here, Kari talks about her transition from full time mom to juggling a new business, the excitement and fulfillment she gets from creating something and the fun of sharing it with her business partner, tips for how to get and stay organized and some of the must-haves she uses to help her get it all done (God bless Amazon Prime and Kroger ClickList).

Lastly, Kari and her business partner, Katie will be taking on more Instagram Stories this year, so be sure to follow them on Instagram (handle below) and drop a comment here about any specific organization/style how-to videos you'd like to see from them!


Her Story Spotlight: Kari Burke George

Where She's at Now:  Louisville, KY 

 # of Kids: I have 3 kids. My oldest is 13 (boy) and my younger two are 9 (boy/girl twins) so I am the mom with the “old kids”! The best part of being a mom for me is knowing I am one of the two people my kids trust most in the world. That is pretty sacred to me and I try not to take that for granted. I may drive them crazy (and vice versa!) but at the end of the day nobody feels more love for them than me (and my husband) and I am fairly certain it is reciprocated :) There is really no better feeling.

Most challenging part of being a working mom:

Well, this is still kind of a new one for me! I worked at an awesome preschool on a part-time basis for several years, but other than that I have been at my kids’ beckon call since 2004! My husband has always had a job that involves a lot of travel so we made the choice long ago that I would stay home. I have gone back and forth between loving it and loathing it...ha! It is so much work, but I will forever be grateful for those years. The saying that “the days are long but the years are short” is SO TRUE!!

Since my kids are older and I totally fell into this “career” some months ago, my family and I are working out the kinks as we go. Most days my kids are completely unaffected by my job because my business partner, Katie, and I aim to be home when the kids get home from school. I’m a little more tired and have to think through the week a bit more on Sundays, but I’m definitely more fulfilled. I have also become best friends with Kroger ClickList and Amazon Prime!

Biggest parenting lesson so far:

Let your kids be who they are! Embrace their talents, their struggles, their differences and their darling personalities. This is what makes them unique and this is what I strive to nurture. Now, I’m not saying they haven’t needed guidance along the way, but at the end of the day, I want them to feel happy and loved with who they are and what they have accomplished each day.

What do you do to relax outside of mom duties:

If the weather is nice I love to be outside. I love to feel the sun on my skin while reading a good book (in the fall or spring!). I love to binge watch a good show (loved The Crown and Ozark, most recently). Shopping, hiking, walking my dog, doing yoga, trying new restaurants and having a nice glass of wine are some of my favorites. I also love to travel with my husband and kids (it’s much easier with older kids!).

Business name:

The Home Sanctuary: Home Organization and Styling
We want to make life easier for the busy parents, working professionals, or those going through a big transition (moving, new addition, downsizing) by styling and organizing their homes in a way that is not only functional and organized, but also pretty! Your home should truly feel like your sanctuary.

I have always been the type of person who is neat and tidy, but I also love style. I have now gone through two major home renovations with my family (within 4 years...shew!) and learned so much about renovating, styling, staging, selling, etc, and I just completely fell in love with the process.


Organized spaces bring me so much peace in my (often) chaotic home and I wanted to share that with others. When Katie and I met we were both looking to go down this road professionally, and we just completely clicked. We felt like we had known each forever and were just so crazily like minded. We did a couple of jobs together to make sure we were the right fit for each other (because it all seemed too easy!) and before you know it we were at the lawyer’s office becoming The Home Sanctuary, LLC! 🥂

It was kind of a scary process to start the business, but we realized our downside was minimal, and that helped calm our nerves. My husband was super supportive and encouraging so that also helped me take the leap.

Business Advice:

Do your research! It felt like months that we were doing nothing but research and brainstorming, but that helped make the birth of our website and value proposition that much smoother and more concise.

Favorite Business Resource:

Carrie King (friend and co-owner of Homepage Realty)! I owe so much to Carrie. Before I ever met Katie, Carrie encouraged me to do this as a profession. She and I worked together on a couple of my own homes, she noticed that I had an eye for detail, and I could be an asset to helping people style and ready their homes for market. Without her in my corner, I don’t know that I would have ever acknowledged or realized my passion. Thank you, Carrie! Homepage documented our last renovation from start to finish for their followers so Carrie and I had a blast working on that together.

We are also forever indebted to my amazingly talented sister-in-law, Stephanie George, who has been our marketing/web/design/social media extraordinaire! She has been such an asset to The Home Sanctuary and we are forever grateful for all of her time and talent.

One tip for other moms to get organized:

Involve your kids from the beginning!

My kids’ closets can very easily drive me insane. I put some systems in place that have helped me (and them) tremendously. Label bins for their toys so they know where things belong (if kept in the closet), keep like items together, and always keep an extra bin in the closet for outgrown clothes.

Now that my kids are older they can whip their closets into shape because of the basic systems in place. They know where things go and attempt to put them back!


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Katie and I are trying to get comfortable in front of the camera by documenting some of our work on our Instagram stories. It has been quite an adventure! Follow along for lots of great before-and-after pics and get a closer look at our daily operation!

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