Her Story with Sarah Kelly: Execute the Plan

Sarah Kelly - Execute the Plan

Here, we get to hear from former Louisville Insider Editor, turned entrepreneur, Sarah Kelley! She shares with us how her meditation practice has allowed her to be more present with her family and with her business, some of her favorite podcasts she uses to unwind, and a few things you can start doing today to help you be ready to make the leap from 9-5 to your own business. One of my favorite things Sarah shares on this is how it's been liberating to devise a business plan, execute on it and then be her own boss.

If any of our moms running their own businesses are needing help with copy for your website, marketing materials or your social media strategy, be sure and check out Sarah's website below to get in touch with how she might be able to help!


Her Story Spotlight: Sarah Kelley

Where You Can Find Her: Louisville, KY.

# of Kiddos: Two kids — Henry, 7, and Willa, 4.

Sarah Kelley 

Sarah Kelley 

Best part of being a mom:

It’s a collection of the little moments, like watching my kids make-believe they are treasure hunters; snuggling on the couch on a Saturday morning; full-family cheering when Henry pulled his own tooth (because he was too stubborn and scared to let anyone else do it); listening to Willa belt out made-up songs when she doesn’t know anyone is paying attention. At the end of the day, these seemingly inconsequential moments are the most precious.

Most challenging part of being a working mom:

The feeling that I’m not doing anything particularly well — at work or at home. For example, a typical day might entail impatiently rushing the kids out the door because I’m running late for a meeting. I might have forgotten to make Henry brush his teeth or to pack Willa’s blanket for school. There might be yelling. Ultimately, I’m five minutes late anyways and feeling guilty for being less-than-kind to the kids. It’s a balancing act — every day.

Biggest parenting lesson learned so far:

Take a breath. (See above answer for an example of how NOT to do it.) I took a meditation class back in 2016, and it opened my eyes to the importance of being aware of what’s happening in the moment. Slow down and pay attention at times of joy and chaos, and take time to notice all the mundane moments in between. And remember to breathe before you react. I’ve found that when I remember to tune in and take a breath before reacting, I’m more patient and thoughtful in my words and actions.

What do you do for fun or to relax outside of mom duties (aka how do you stay sane)?

I’m obsessed with podcasts and audio books on genres ranging from true crime to comedy [check out: Dirty John and Accused for a couple of great true crime podcasts and My Dad Wrote a Porno for a comic relief]. My family often can hear me laughing hysterically or gasping in horror as I piddle around the house wearing headphones. I also enjoy live music, playing DJ while my husband cooks, going out to dinner, red wine and coffee. (And I run, but not because it’s particularly fun, though I suppose I am more relaxed when it’s over.)

Business Name + Brief Description:

Sarah Kelley Media is a writing, editing and communications company. Much of my time is spent providing clients — including big businesses and local nonprofits — with writing services ranging from creating website content to penning articles about employees or programs. I also provide a variety of marketing services and social media strategy. And when I’m not writing for clients, I still find time to do a bit of journalism, with a focus on narrative storytelling, in-depth features and true crime.

Her Story on Sarah Kelly

How did it get its start?

After 17 years as a full-time journalist, most recently as editor of Insider Louisville, I launched my own business. There was some “upheaval” at my previous company (that’s a euphemism for getting laid off), so I decided it was time to take control. Despite a passion for journalism, the daily grind and instability of the media industry was mentally taxing. I had no idea I would love running my own business as much as I do. It’s been liberating to devise a business plan and be my own boss. Though it’s stressful at times due to the unpredictable nature of freelance work, the experience has exceeded my expectations.

What advice would you give to others looking to do the same?

Take a close look at your personal budget and rein in any unnecessary spending (monthly subscriptions, frivolous Amazon purchases, lattes). Set realistic monthly income goals and adjust your budget accordingly. Make sure you are organized and aware of your finances before taking the leap.

Favorite business resource that makes your life easier/better (accounting software, video platform, marketing, etc.)?

I use the Wave Accounting app for invoices. It makes it easy to create invoices and track payments, and it connects to your bank account so clients have the option of paying you online. I also use Toggl, an app that tracks how much time you spend on particular projects/clients. And Google Docs is key for writing, editing and sharing documents.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

I look forward to being more in control of my time and my life in 2018. Though I’ll be working full time (and then some) to make my business a success, much of the work can be carried out when it’s convenient for me, allowing me to spend more time with the people I love. I plan to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy my family and friends as much as possible.

How can people find out more about you and your business?


Facebook page, Sarah Kelley Media

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