Her Story Spotlight with Louisa Kleinert: Not Your Average Tattoo Artist

Louisa Kleinert is the owner and talented artist behind Bluebird Ink Beatique in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a high-end tattoo salon that she sometimes lovingly refers to as The Breast Nest. That’s because a lot of the work Loiusa does inside the Nest is with cancer survivors looking to feel and look “normal” again after a mastectomy by recreating their areola and nipple areas by tattooing.

In the video below, Louisa talks more about her work, her “why” behind why she does it and we have some really good conversations in general about running a business and managing our minds. We also have a lot of fun because Louisa is not only extremely talented, smart and well-spoken, but she also has a great sense of humor.

This week we did the Her Story Spotlight in a video format instead of the regular written Q&A format and it was a lot of fun to be able to “show” you our conversation. In addition to being inspired by the work Louisa does, I think you’ll also relate to so many of the challenges she’s worked through and continues to work on and you’ll love her advice for getting out of your own way.