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Her Story with Christine McAlister: Living a Life With Passion

This week’s Her Story Spotlight with Christine is extra special because of the huge impact she’s had on my life in 2018 along with how smart, talented and inspiring she is in general. As with every woman that has taken the time to work with me on these Spotlights, I am honored to share with you some of Christine’s story and lessons learned for getting unstuck and living a Life With Passion where you make rules. 

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Her Story with Goli Kalkhoran: Lessons from a Quitter

These days, there is no shortage of people who are talking about how unfilled and miserable they are in their career. What is less prevalent are people who allow themselves to see all the possibilities this world has to offer, who decide that life is too short to be unhappy for too long, who push through the fear of the unknown and who take inspired action to live a life they don’t dread waking up for.

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Her Story with Michelle Malloy: From Corporate Cubicle to World Traveler and Dream Life by the Beach

Michelle shares how she made a new, but very scary, choice to leave behind her decade-long career in the banking industry and how in just a little over a year, that choice gave her a phone full of photos and countless memories from around the world, and that eventually lead her to a new home with a beach not far away, pursuing her passion and living a life that better reflects her version of a dream life.

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