We all have our unique gifts and talents, so there’s no shame in bringing in some help with the things that are outside of that. Or with getting help finding and being confident in what those unique gifts and talents are! The list of talented ladies below gives you resources to look, feel and act like the boss lady you are in life, so you can focus on what you’re best at!

Professional Services

Karima Creative

Brand building, website and logo design

Figuring out YOUR secret sauce to make you the best in your industry.

Joanne Bourgault


Website and email copy that helps you win more customers.

Avanti Creative Group

Marketing Strategy

Equipping professional women to build a business they love!

Linda Enoh

Content Marketing

Create, plan and share consistent content without overwhelm or burnout.

Lola Celeste

Content Marketing & Blogging

Teaching women how to create and grow their own website and blogs and make a living of doing what they love.

The Storyographist

iPhone Video Filming & Editing

Learn to shoot and edit scroll-stopping videos with your iPhone.

Coaching Programs

Evelien Bijl

The Perfectionism Coach

Helping high-achieving women reduce stress and anxiety and embrace their beautifully imperfect selves to live fuller and happier.

Paige Cole

Manifesting & Mindset

Coaching entrepreneurial babes improve their online businesses through spiritual principles of mindset, manifestation and energy.

Christine McAlister

Business Coach

Replace your 9-5 income with a your big dreams to create a life with passion.

Jenna Harrison

Performance Coach

Help ambitious women get clear on what business to start, create a plan and get paying clients in far less time than thought possible.

The Dating Boutique

Dating & Matchmaking Consulting

At the Dating Boutique you will get a professional matchmaking experience, online dating makeovers, unique and engaging singles events, industry leading courses, expert coaching and more

Bailey Lannan

LLC and Payroll Setup Services

Help new businesses with setting up an LLC or S-Corp and advising on when and how to set up payroll for employees or owners themselves.

Local louisville Resources

The Home Sanctuary

Home Organizing & Styling

Help transform homes into a personal sanctuary by organizing and styling spaces in a way that is customized to each lifestyle and preference.

Dress & Dwell


Boutique apparel and home decor shopping with Southern Charm (online available!)

Six Sisters Boutique


Shop everything from women's apparel, shoes, and jewelry to baby gifts and home decor (online available!)

Avistoria Photography

Personal Branding & Wedding Photos.

Telling stories through photography.

Sunni Photography*

Commercial, Fashion, Lifestyle and Professional Portraits

A truly great photograph can encapsulate an entire brand

*Also in Charlotte, NC

Susan Jordan/Love Hunters Photography

Top Adventure Wedding & Personal Branding Photographer

Encouraging the nontraditional.

Kellie Burton Real Estate Expert

Can help you find the perfect commercial office or retail space if you’re looking to work outside of your home! Or the perfect home for your home office :)