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Tax Return Preparation Policy:

In preparing your tax return, we will use our professional judgment to make recommendations. However, you are ultimately responsible for the information on your tax return. You should carefully review your return before signing it. We will maintain the privacy of all your tax documentation unless required to disclose information by law. Outside of legal obligations, no information will be disclosed to a third party without your written consent.

If you require additional services such as bookkeeping or tax planning, those are outside the scope of the tax preparation agreement. Please reach out to discuss those services. Fees for our tax preparation services will be billed at our standard rates. An invoice will be included with your completed return. If you would like an estimate of the price for your return, please contact us before submitting your documentation. Note that some returns require additional time due to unforeseen complexities, and you will be billed accordingly.

If there is a balance due, you must pay the tax preparation fee upfront. If for any reason you owe an entity and they take the entire refund, you are STILL responsible to pay the tax preparation fee for services rendered.

*For any reason an amendment must be filed with no fault of the tax preparer, an upfront fee of $150.00 is required! Please view your tax return, which is emailed to you (It is sent prior to submission).

ALL FEES (bank and service fees) are found in the return and are non-refundable nor negotiable! NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS!!

Please utilize for all federal refund tracking. Please utilize your state Department of Revenue site for any State Refund tracking. Do NOT add the amounts together. Federal taxes are federal and state taxes are state when tracking your status. Please allow 8 weeks to surpass from the date of submission before calling the IRS, if you have any tracking questions. 

For direct assistance, please email or text 908-387-7189.

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