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There's a disconnect...

Has anyone noticed lately that everyone gets easily offended or lack the communication skills to hold a conversation? Is it just me or conversations have become a competition just like looks, skills and other attributes? Since when did you proving me wrong or me proving you wrong, became a sport? I miss conversations that were genuine. Conversations where we shared our thoughts, experiences, made plans and laughed. It's like no one knows how to get out of their heads. Everything doesn't have a deeper meaning; sometimes it is JUST service level. Sometimes people really just mean what they say, stop trying to deceiver everything like it's in code. Let your guard down sometimes, learn to listen to your intuition. Google may have answers, but it cannot help you connect with people. We've become a society that need to know all things because we're told everything happens for a reason. We've read too far even into that line! Everything DO happen for a reason; but sometimes it's not for you to know why!

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